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Monday, May 22, 2017

Mini Cooper Photography

Along these 17 years, our Mini Cooper had been enjoyed by more than 3,000 vip luxury clients. Most of our Mini Cooper Bali clientele are from Jakarta or Domestic and Chinese couple.

Now a days, more Chinese couple do their engagement or we say prewedding photography in Bali island, as it's island of love, so Bali now is famous for Wedding Photography and Wedding Party events. Bali Mini Cooper Rental is always be sure, ready to drive, Mini ready to serve and Mini Cooper as your Wedding companions.

One of our Bali Boudoir Photo sessions took after driving the Mini Cooper :

So, dating your girlfriends with Mini Cooper ? Why not ? Call Mr. Sas +62-81-2939-12345 e-mail at okay ?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cooper Mini Cabriolet Bali

Cooper Mini Cabriolet Bali is so amazing. As you know that this Cooper Mini with Cabriolete could impress your pride while meeting client of your property business in Bali or Wedding car for Her, your gorgeous Bride 😀🙏💐

Cooper Mini Cabriolet with soft roof which could open during your ride or sightseeing in Bali island or wedding receptions to the church. Cooper Mini is fit for 4 persons and is rented with driver. But indeed, when you need to sheer driving pleasure, Sastra Driver is still adjoining while your cruising Mini Cooper Cabriolet.

Why ? Since we had been lost one unit of Mini Cooper last year, therefore our owners may not allow to rent Mini Cooper as self drive 🙏😇😀💐

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